Become A Sigma Nu

To this point in your life, you have been defined by both the choices and decisions you have made based on your own intuition and and gut feeling. As you quickly transition into the next stage in your life, not only will you have to continue carving your own legacy, but you will also be expected to do so outside of the comfort of your own home. While opportunities begin to become more plentiful, the pressure to make the right choices begins to increase exponentially. When Move-In Day comes to pass and all of your bags are unpacked, you'll probably ask yourself: "What's next?"

The answer to the above question is what begins to define you as a student here at the great Mississippi State University. As a freshman or transfer student, you are more than likely going to search for any means necessary to become as involved as possible on campus and/or become acquainted with as many people around you as possible. There are many paths that lead in this direction; however, you could embark on an even more powerful journey that has the ability to equip you with intangible leadership and service skills. You could become a member of Sigma Nu Fraternity.

By now, you have probably been exposed to stereotypical "frat life" by way of movies, documentaries, or even stories from friends with past experiences, and it's understandable if you have any doubts about Greek Life amidst the negative clouds hovering around it. However, Sigma Nu prides itself in being a fraternity of men, not boys, and was founded in 1869 as a protest to hazing at Virginia Military Institute, where our founders built the foundation for an organization to be strictly held to the principles of love, honor, and truth. What more could you ask for? Well, actually, a lot more. Here's some more of what Sigma Nu has to offer you:

-A close-knit brotherhood upon which the fraternity was founded.
-A high level of respect absent from other greek organizations due to "pledging".
-Leadership experience through offices and LEAD Phases I-IV.
-A network of over 227,000 men who share the same values and ideals as yourself.
-Academic assistance and tutoring for almost any subject or class.
-The ability to create your own legacy through individuality.
-Much, much more

Sigma Nu is not your typical college fraternity. A membership in Sigma Nu is a privilege and requires a commitment that lasts for more than four years, it lasts a lifetime. Sigma Nu will not waste your time. It will supply you with the tools needed to succeed with leadership during both your college and professional years. George Eliot once said, "The strongest principle of growth lies in human choice." Will you choose to pledge your oath to The Legion of Honor?

For more information, contact:

James Apple, Rush Chairman